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Tono & Lims Bechorism 1

Tono & Lims Kobayashi Bungukan Bechorism 1 Swatch

Kobayashi Bungukan is a famous regional stationary chain with a wide array of highly coveted limited edition inks. Until recently, Kobayashi Bungukan worked with Sailor to create the Trip to Country series. However, their collaboration with Tono & Lims is not any less popular, with the first production run of Bechorism 1 & 2 selling out within minutes.

Bechori is a lettering artist in Japan, and one of the most influential ink influencers. Many stores will send their exclusive inks to Bechori for him to swatch, and he has also published a book on lettering. This ink is a 3 way collaboration, therefore, between Kobayashi Bungukan, Tono & Lims, and Bechori, and is one of two inks developed through this partnership.

This swatch is of Bechorism 1, which I found to be the lighter of the two. The colour is a light grey beige that is composed of a variety of yellows, blues, and purples. In my pen, the ink was extremely light, borderlining impossible to read until it dries.

Bechorism 1 swatch

The ink is certainly interesting, but writing with it was not a pleasant experience for me, due to its extremely dry nature, even with the ebonite feed of my Montblanc. However, it does have tremendous shading properties, and is definitely different from most of what I own.

Bechorism 1 at an angle

Outside of shading, the ink did not have any other interesting properties that I look for, which is unfortunate. Although it is a strange and interesting colour, the dryness and lightness of the ink really made me unable to enjoy this ink in a fountain pen. I believe that this ink would be much more pleasant in a dip pen or used for art, as it would add strong character when the ink wash mixes with other inks.

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