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Inky Mess: Wancher

A brief history and investigation into the Inky Mess Wancher

How To Shopping

How To Choose Your Second Fountain Pen (and Why It Should Be A Japanese One)

You have your first fountain pen now, how do you choose your second one?

Blog History

Nakaya: For Your Hand Only

I bring the readers through the history of Nakaya Fountain Pens.

Blog Naginata Regalia Sailor The Anatomy Of

The Anatomy of a Stacked Nib

I go through the history and the process of making stacked nibs.

Blog Fountain Pen Shops Reviews Shopping Store Exclusive Virtual Tour

Kingdom Note: A virtual tour

I take the readers on a virtual tour of Kingdom Note, located in the south Shinjuku area.

Aurora Blog Realo Reviews Sailor Store Exclusive The Anatomy Of

The Anatomy of a Sailor Realo vs an Aurora 88

A breakdown of the Sailor Realo compared to the Aurora 88.

Blog Capless Oblique Pilot Reviews Shopping The Anatomy Of

The Anatomy of the Pilot 1971 Metal Striped Capless

A deeper look at the Pilot 1971 Metal Striped Capless

Blog Ink Swatches Kyo-No-Oto Reviews Shading TAG Stationery Teal

TAG Stationery Kyo-No-Oto Hisoku

TAG Stationery Kyo-No-Oto Hisoku Swatch

Blog Green Halo Ink Swatches Maruzen Reviews Sailor Shading Shopping Yellow

Sailor Maruzen Athena Lemon

Sailor Maruzen Athena Lemon Swatch

Blog Ink Swatches Maruzen Red Reviews Sailor Shading Sheen Shopping Store Exclusive

Sailor Maruzen Athena Nihonbashi Akane

Sailor Maruzen Athena Nihonbashi Akane Swatch