Tokyo Station Pens


It’s a noun that means both a place where people stop, as well as a place where people go. It’s where people gather to go to their next destination. It’s also the origin of the words stationer and stationery; it’s the origin of what brings us together, and sends our words to their respective destinations.

My name is CY and I have been a fountain pen fanatic since my days as a student. I have been using fountain pens exclusively as my writing instruments of choice since 2011, and living in Tokyo since 2013.

Japan has long been known as a stationery utopia, and I have found this to be no different for fountain pens.

However, there is a dearth of English language content on fountain pens in Japan. Specifically, there is not yet a platform of content that provides commentary on the fountain pen life and journey in Japan.

This project aims to fill that gap of content to bring the most robust content to the rest of the world and I hope that this site will become your station for all things fountain pens in Japan; please join me on this journey, right here from Tokyo Station Pens!

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