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Tono & Lims Bechorism 2

Tono & Lims Kobayashi Bungukan Bechorism 2 Swatch

Kobayashi Bungukan is a famous regional stationary chain with a wide array of highly coveted limited edition inks. Until recently, Kobayashi Bungukan worked with Sailor to create the Trip to Country series. However, their collaboration with Tono & Lims is not any less popular, with the first production run of Bechorism 1 & 2 selling out within minutes.

Bechori is a lettering artist in Japan, and one of the most influential ink influencers. Many stores will send their exclusive inks to Bechori for him to swatch, and he has also published a book on lettering. This ink is a 3 way collaboration, therefore, between Kobayashi Bungukan, Tono & Lims, and Bechori, and is one of two inks developed through this partnership.

This swatch is of Bechorism 2, which I found to be the darker of the two. The colour is a desaturated grey green that is composed of a variety of yellows, blues, and purples. In my pen, the ink was relatively well behaved, and it was a much more enjoyable experience than Bechorism 1.

Bechorism 2 swatch

The ink still retains Bechorism 1’s interesting nature, albeit a greener shade rather than Bechorism 1’s beige. This ink is a super shader, and showed shading on every single letter.

Bechorism 2 at an angle

Overall, I liked this ink a lot, and it’s still a decently dark enough colour to be used at work without getting strange looks. This is an interesting ink that I will be using a lot more than Bechorism 1, if nothing but for the simple reason that it is much more legible.

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