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Welcome to the Nib Workshop!

Due to the dearth of nib workers who regrind pens in Japan, I have decided to learn and offer regrinding services. You can find examples of my grinds in my The Anatomy Of series, including close up pictures and writing samples. All nib work is by consultation only, and the description and prices below are for reference and not final. Consultation is mandatory for nib work. You can request a nib grind by filling this form.

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GrindDescriptionPrice (USD)
Tune UpSmall adjustments for flow and alignment. No grinding involved.30
ITA FamilyThe Italic Family includes Stubs, Italics, and Oblique nibs. These nibs are most commonly used in broad edge style writing, such as Italics, Uncials, and Blackletter.40
ARC FamilyThe Architect Family includes curved Architect grinds and Architect grinds at your writing angle. The standard offering is a slightly curved Architect that is not angle restricted. Sharp Architects at your writing angle can also be done, with the latter being more forgiving, but less variation.40
NAG (Standard) FamilyThe Naginata (Standard) Family includes all sizes of NAG grinds and requires a starting point of BB, Coarse, Zoom, or Sailor MS. Mini NAGs are also available with a starting point of B.60
BEN FamilyThe Bent Family includes both upwards bent and downwards bent nibs to your writing angle. These nibs are best used for Chinese/Japanese calligraphy and art. This family includes the Mikazuki grind.80
Added FlexAdded Flex is an option for select 14k nibs ONLY. The Semiflex option changes the profile of the nib by shaving the shoulders, while the Full Flex option will remove any nib imprints in addition.Additional 90
SAIThe SAI is a 3 tine superflex nib. This grind is only available on Pilot MS nibs, and all nib imprints will be removed.Pilot Size 5 MS: 180
Pilot Size 10 MS: 250
Vintage Nib TransplantI can transplant vintage nibs into modern pens. You will supply the nib, feed, and Pen. Not all transplant combinations are possible, but I will work with you to find the best fit.30
Nib PlatingI can plate your nibs into Platinum/Rhodium, Gold, or Black Nickel*.50
Trim PlatingI can plate your trims into Platinum/Rhodium, Gold, or Black Nickel*.30
Full Body PlatingI can plate your metal caps and bodies into Platinum/Rhodium, Gold, or Black Nickel*.80
*Black Nickel plating will patina over time
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