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Sailor Maruzen Athena Lemon

Sailor Maruzen Athena Lemon Swatch

Maruzen is the oldest importer of fountain pens in Japan. This institution’s importance in the development of fountain pens in Japan truly cannot be overstated. Inspired by Kajii Motojirou’s collection of short stories Lemon, which heavily featured Maruzen of Kyoto. Maruzen paid tribute to this literary ink by basically rebranding to make Lemons their unofficial logo. Lemon, the ink, is no exception.

There is ambiguity to this ink, and it seems to have existed in two variants. It is known that there was a Lemon that was marketed as Kyoto Lemon on the label, which came in the vase bottle, while the one I have just says Lemon, which I got in the pill bottle. However, when I went back to Maruzen to check the inks, it is written as Kyoto Lemon on the shelf, while the label on the bottle only says Lemon.

Although I do not own the Kyoto Lemon variant of this ink, the difference is that Kyoto Lemon seems to be a brighter yellow, whereas Lemon leans more green from what I can find on the internet.

This review, therefore, is of the Lemon variant, which I cannot verify to be the same as Kyoto Lemon.

Lemon swatch

This is easily my favorite yellow ink, which surprised me because when I first put this ink to paper, it was an unreadable bright yellow. However, the magic occurs when the ink dries, darkening in colour and revealing a strong black halo. There seems to be a greenish undertone to the ink, befitting its namesake.

Lemon at an angle

As can be expected from a Sailor-made ink, the flow is wet and displays no issues starting up in my pens. The shading of this ink is extreme, even though the ink is wet and the colour saturated, which was very interesting to me.

The ink has no sheen at all while writing, but exhibits a black-silver sheen when unloading a massive amounts of ink onto the paper when drawing. As per Sailor inks, this ink does not contain shimmer particles.

I really like this ink. I like it so much that I went out and got spare bottles and I foresee myself getting even more. The halo of the ink which helps make the ink legible while giving it character not seen in most really pushes it over the edge for me to make this a top 10 ink in my collection.

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2 replies on “Sailor Maruzen Athena Lemon”

Yeah, Yellow is super difficult because if it’s a true yellow, it’s totally unreadable. That’s why the halo is so awesome! It broke my mind the first time I watched it dry! Platinum Citrus swatch will come!


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